What is a teepee

A bit about teepees

A Teepee or Tipi is a portable, conical tent made of wooden poles covered in animal hides. These temporary dwellings were traditionally used by nomadic Native American tribes. These ingenious shelters enabled the tribes to quickly erect or pack them away for traveling. They often had a flap at the top that could be opened and closed to allow a fire to be built inside the teepee for warmth.

Today, these iconic tents have been adapted for camping and for children to play in. Whilst, large canvas models are available, they are typically now made of lightweight, waterproof materials.

There are several manufacturers that make large tipis for camping and these solid tents provide great headroom, even for 8 or 12 adults. This makes them an ideal group camping or festival tent and they make a great talking point too! These tents are excellent for the new trend of “Glamping” too, as they are generally more spacious and have more headroom than normal tents, allowing you to take more luxuries with you.

It is now fashionable for many static campsites to offer yurts, teepees and other lodge-style shelters for people to hire. The larger ones come with fires or wood-burning stoves making them an excellent and comfortable holiday shelter.

The children play tent versions come in a great range of colors and designs and the kids will spend an hour of fun playing “Cowboys and Indians” in the garden. Contact us now to find out more.

Typically, as with all tents for camping, tipi sizes are described as 2 men or 4 men etc. we would suggest that you buy a slightly larger tent i.e. the next size up, especially if you are all adults. Therefore, if there are two of you, buy a 3 man tent etc.

It is also a good idea to bear in mind that most teepee tents are not designed for really inclement weather. They make great summer tents and are great for fun or as a group shelter for eating or evening gatherings.

There is a large range of Kids Teepee Tents available, many are made to look realistic but in bright colors and designs to make them appealing to young children.

Ideal for playing indoors or outside, these children’s tents will make a perfect camp or hideout in the garden or playroom. Ideal to get the kids outside whilst providing some protection from the sun on picnics and outings.

The selection of children’s tipi tents below is both durable and economical. Whilst they may not stand up to the worse of the weather the larger ones could be used for family camping in the summer, so the kids can have their own tent.

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