Planning Your Childs Teepee Party

Planning Your Child’s Next Birthday Party

It is certainly possible to organize a kids’ party on a much more condensed timeline than this, but in an ideal world, the following is a good timeline to work around. The biggest consideration is booking a venue and entertainment (which you can still often book closer to the time, especially if you have flexibility around the date and time ), but aside from that, the following tasks could easily be completed within a couple of weeks. Contact KidsPartyHouse if you would like to inquire about hosting a teepee party.

Not all of the following tasks will be applicable – it will depend on whether you are having the cake at home or at an external or catered venue.

Ideal kids birthday party organizing timeline

6 weeks before

Decide on a date, time, and party duration.
Decide on the theme.
Put together a guest list (so you have an idea of numbers)
Look into venue ideas, costs, and availability (if not having the party at home). Book a venue.
Look into ideas and availability for entertainment (if having). Book entertainer.
Start looking at ideas for invitations, cake, tableware, decorations, food to serve, games, lolly bags, and other ideas.
4 weeks before

Decide on a cake, tableware, decorations, food ideas, games, and lolly bags.
Design / make or order invitations.
Start ordering or purchasing decorations, tableware, party favors, bakeware (cake tins, cupcake pans, cake decorating) and other party supplies.
3 weeks before

Send invitations.
Start making decorations, games, party favors if you are making them yourself.
Order the cake if you will not be making it yourself.
2 weeks before

Put together a running sheet (on the day time outline – what happens when).
Continue making party decorations, games, party favors (if doing them yourself).
Purchase any other bakeware, tableware, decorations, games that you haven’t yet purchased if required.
Confirm all requirements with the venue, entertainment.
Finalize food being served.
Decide on any food and drinks being offered to parents if you expect some to stay.
1 week before

Follow-up any outstanding RSVPs.
Make a list of all food and ingredients required and see what you have at home / what needs to be purchased.
Buy non-perishable/ food items that can be purchased a week out, such as cake ingredients, icing ingredients (including colors and decorations), non-perishable food items (chips, lollies etc).
If you expect parents to stay, ensure you have enough supplies (tea, coffee, food, drinks etc).
Purchase any other last-minute bakeware, tableware, decorations, decorations, games, that you haven’t yet purchased.
Finish any decorations, games, party favors that you are making yourself.
Week of the party:

3 – 5 days prior

Buy other food such as fruit, sausages, sausage rolls, bread etc.
Buy any drinks or food for parents if they will be staying.
Start baking any goods that can be made a few days out (such as biscuits). Consider whether you can make any items and freeze in advance.
Clean, tidy and a space for a party organized if having at home. Work out where you will put tables, chairs etc.
Decide on any music if required, and put together the playlist.
Finish putting together any games, such as pass the parcel if not yet complete.
2 days before

Bake the cake.
Bake cupcakes.
Any other baking if not yet done.
Put together lolly bags/party favors.
Rearrange any furniture/areas if required if you are having the party at home.
1 day prior

Decorate cake.
Decorate cupcakes.
Start to put up decorations (depending on what decorations you are using / how they will be used in your house – some of these could be done on the day of the party).
Move any tables, chairs, etc into position.
If holding the party an external venue, put any decorations, lolly bags etc that you will need to take to the venue in a box ready for transportation.
Day of the party

Make any on the day food (such as fruit platters, fairy bread).
Finalize setting up of all decorations.
Set up a party table, chairs.
Put lolly bags/party favors in a position where they can be handed out as guests depart.
Set up a spot for putting presents.
Put cake/food on platters, cake stands.
Plan to be ready ahead of time – there is always a guest who turns up early!

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