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Five Top Kids Teepee Party Trends For 2019

Halloween Potter Parties

Whilst it has been a while now since the last Harry Potter book hit the shelves, love of the book and movie series has been trending high for some time. Perhaps it really is magic. Who knows? What is known is that October is the perfect month to get with what’s fashionable in the pint-sized party scene, and think of theming that Halloween party around (ironically perhaps) ‘The Boy who Lived’.

For ideas about how to get the kids involved with some fantastic Harry Potter inspired party games, as well as how to access a wealth of Potter-inspired and totally free party printables, simply head over to the One Creative Mommy website.

Winter Wonderland Themed Parties

Amid the traditional winter wonderland staples of paper snowflake cutting, whipping up a blizzard of homemade snow and a game of freeze dancing, you might feel the Winter Wonderland party has lost a bit of its wonder by now. Consequently, and to save oodles of time as well as a mess, you might want to consider warming those cold feet by turning to party planning experts, ‘Team Twizzle’ this year.

Kids Party House has been planning, organizing and hosting parties, red carpet event, and the likes, we know exactly how to defrost even the most determined party-pooper. So, to add the wonder back into a Winter Wonderland-themed party with the likes of ‘surprise visits from Pingu’, simply call on Kids Party House.

Mad Hatter Tea Parties

One of the professional party organizers and magic makers Kids Party Housefavoritesrites, it is easy to see why both kids and adults alike love this wonderfully ‘contrariwise’ tea party idea. Quite simply, it can be adapted to day, night, child, adult, involves cake no matter who it is being thrown for and gives us all the opportunity to dress up and stop pretending to be quite so ‘normal’.

Frozen Themed Parties

Evidently, children have failed to grasp the sentiment of this movie’s title track (‘Let It Go’) as the hold Frozen has on our kids is showing no sign what-so-ever of thawing any time soon. Fortunately, with Frozen being a firm favorite even among us parents, a Frozen themed party can provide the perfect excuse for us adults to have as much fun as the kids.

Gingerbread Parties

Not one for those adverse to getting messy, but a gingerbread making party can be a great way to get the kids all creating something that can later be used to fill their party bags, as well as giving the little ones a real sense of achievement. Quite simply, the party itself is to get the kids together to bake their very own gingerbread people which, once cooled, they can then get creative decorating.

This more structured party trend can further make fun by challenging the kids to decorate their gingerbread people to look like their friends and family. Meanwhile, the party also works wonderfully for younger children as the dough itself can always be pre-made by us adults, shaped, baked and ready to go when the little ones arrive.

Children’s Christmas Parties

There is a myriad of ways to create a fantastic children’s Christmas party, but perhaps the best way is to turn to tradition for this one. After all, traditions are a big part of what makes Christmas so special. With that in mind, games such as Pass the Parcel, foods such as mince pieces and stockings in place of party favor bags all tend to go down well.

For those wanting to create some new and delicious traditions this year, currently trending is the creation of Christmas themed funfetti popcorn. Colored in traditional Santa Claus red and holly leaf green, it’s a great way to spruce up an easy to make party snack.

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